The Elements of Drawing, John Ruskin’s teaching collection at Oxford

The Elements of Drawing, John Ruskin’s teaching collection at Oxford

Ruskin's Educational series, 1st ed. (1871)

Ruskin's first catalogue of 300 works for the instruction of undergraduates and his notes on the use of particular examples.

Educational 1 cover

Catalogue of the Educational Series / 3. Northern Gothic (Nos. 26—33 B) Illustrations of Northern Gothic, with its resultant Art

    • Ruskin, John - The northern Arch of the west Entrance of Amiens Cathedral 26 Amiens Cathedral. Northern Arch of west Entrance, sketched in 1856. M
    • 27 Norman chapel, near Abbeville, with later wooden porch. P
    • 28 Chartres Cathedral. Southern arch of west entrance, before its restoration. P
    • 29 Notre Dame, Paris. The small north door. P
    • Prout, Samuel - York Minster, with old Town Walls 30 York Minster, with old Town Walls. Pencil drawing. (Prout).
    • 30 B The chapel on the bridge of Wakefield . Pencil drawing. (Prout).
    • 30 C Helmsley: and an interior. Pencil, with tint of shade. (Prout).
    • 30 D The spire of Strasburg Cathedral, seen over the roofs of the town. P
    • Prout, Samuel - The Rue Mercière and west Front of Strasbourg Cathedral 30 E The street leading to the west front of Strasburg Cathedral, before the destruction of its fountain. Lithograph. (Prout).
    • Asselineau, Léon Auguste, after Nicolas Marie Joseph Chapuy - The Rue Mercière and west Front of Strasbourg Cathedral 30 F The same street, with recent changes (before the war). French lithograph, showing modern ideal of town architecture. P
    • unidentified - The Façade of the Gallery of the Hôtel de Bourgtheroulde, Rouen, showing the Reliefs of the Field of the Cloth of Gold 30 G Hotel Bourgtheroude, Rouen. Sculptures of the Field of the Cloth of Gold. P
    • Ruskin, John - The Courtyard of a Late Gothic Wooden House at Abbeville 30 H Wooden domestic Architecture. Late Gothic, at Abbeville. P
    • 30 I Bureau des Demolitions, at the House of Diane de Poitiers , Rouen , before the war-time. P
    • Ruskin, John - Basle, with Outline of the Mountains of the Black Forest 31 Basle, with outline of the mountains of the Black Forest, sketched in 1858. The view is now entirely destroyed, by the suburban villas of ironmasters, but the distant town looked then as it did when Holbein lived in it.
    • unidentified - Photograph of Holbein's Drawing of a Woman from Basel, turned to the left 31 B Sketch of costume, in pen, washed with sepia. Photograph from Holbein’s drawing at Basle. P
    • Dürer, Albrecht - Landscape with Cannon 31 C The Cannon. View to the north from the ramparts of Nuremburg (the sea introduced conventionally). (Dürer). Engraving on copper, of peculiar execution with blunt line.
    • Dürer, Albrecht - Justice. Death, Cupid, and Fortune 31 D Justice.Death, Cupid, and Fortune. Line engraving. (Dürer).
    • 31 E Two of the subjects of the Lesser Passion. Line engraving, perfect in execution. (Dürer).
    • Dürer, Albrecht - The Whore of Babylon 31 F The worship of Pleasure. From series illustrating Apocalypse. Wood engraving. (Dürer).
    • Object not found 31 G The worship of Pride. From series illustrating Apocalypse. (Dürer).
    • Dürer, Albrecht - Coat of Arms with a Death's-Head 32 Shield with bearing of skull. Line engraving. (Dürer).
    • Ruskin, John - The Head of a Miser: enlarged Drawing from Lützelburger's Woodcut of "The Councillor", from the Series of "Images of Death" 32 B Head of rich man, taught by demon. Enlarged from Holbein’s Dance of Death . M
    • 32 C Two wood engravings from the Dance of Death. (Holbein).
    • Dürer, Albrecht - The Virgin with a Sceptre and Crown of Stars 33 The Madonna with crown of stars. Line engraving. (Dürer).
    • 33 B Saints, Nuremburg in the distance. Line engraving. (Dürer).

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