The Elements of Drawing, John Ruskin’s teaching collection at Oxford

The Elements of Drawing, John Ruskin’s teaching collection at Oxford

Ruskin's Educational series, 1st ed. (1871)

Ruskin's first catalogue of 300 works for the instruction of undergraduates and his notes on the use of particular examples.

Educational 1 cover

Catalogue of the Educational Series / 1. Introductory, Flower drawing (Nos. 1—15) Introductory Subjects, and Exercises in Flower Drawing

    Of the affixed letters, P, signifies “Photograph;” E, “Engraving” (or Woodcut); M, that the Drawing is by my own Hand; A, that it is by my Assistant, Mr. A. Burgess

    • unidentified - Photograph of Saint John Baptist from Cima's "Virgin and Child with Saints John the Baptist and Paul" 1 Head of the Baptist. (Cima da Conegliano). P
    • unidentified - Fragment of an Etching of William Holman Hunt's "The Light of the World" 2 Behold, I stand at the door. ( Holman Hunt ). E
    • Ruskin, John - Study of Dawn: the first Scarlet on the Clouds 3 Study of Dawn. The first scarlet on the clouds.M
    • Ruskin, John - Study of Dawn: white Clouds 3 B Study of Dawn. White clouds.M
    • Ruskin, John - Study of Dawn: purple Clouds 3 C Study of Dawn. Purple clouds.M
    • Ruskin, John - Study of a few Blades of Grass as they Grew 4 Study of a few blades of grass as they grew.M
    • Ruskin, John - Recto: Four Studies of Clover Blossoms 4 B Study of clover blossoms.M
    • Ruskin, John - Enlarged Drawing of Apollo's Laurel Sceptre in the Engraving from the so-called "Mantegna Tarocchi" 5 Laurel in conventional outline. (Apollo’s Sceptre) after Baccio Bandini . M
    • Ruskin, John - Laurel Leaf, seen Underneath and in Profile 5 B Laurel Leaf, seen underneath and in profile.M
    • Ruskin, John - Under-surface of a dried Spray  of Olive, gathered at Verona 6 Olive. Under-surface of dried spray, gathered at Verona. M
    • 7 Wild Strawberry blossom, with enlarged study beneath.M
    • Ruskin, John - Fleur-de-Lys ('Iris Florentina') 8 Fleur-de-Lys. (Iris Florentina). M
    • Ruskin, John - Snake's-Head Fritillary 9 Field Lily of Oxford. (Drosida Ælfredi, Alfred’s Dew-flower I shall sometimes give you a new name for a flower, which you will find advantage in remembering it by; but see the note on this example, page 32. ). M
    • Ruskin, John - Study, with the Pencil-point, of a Snake's-Head Fritillary 9 B Study, with the pencil-point, of the same flower.M
    • 10

    • Burgess, Arthur - Study of a relief Vine-leaf Pattern 11 Vine. Conventional sculpture at Verona. A
    • Ruskin, John - Cowslip Bells 11 B Cowslip Bells (enlarged profile).M
    • 11 C Gooseberry, Currant, and Cherry-blossom.M
    • Ruskin, John - Ivy-Leaved Toadflax ('Oxford Ivy') 11 D Oxford Ivy (Linaria Cymbalaria). W
    • Ruskin, John - Drawing of a Branch of Oak from Cima's "Saint John the Baptist with Saints Peter, Mark, Jerome and Paul" 12 Oak. Study from Cima da Conegliano. M
    • Ruskin, John - Ilex 12 B Ilex. Study from dried spray.A
    • Ruskin, John - Stone Pines at Sestri, Gulf of Genoa 13 Stone Pines at Sestri, Gulf of Genoa. M
    • Ruskin, John - Asphodel ('Wild Hyacinth of Jura') 14 Asphodel. (Wild hyacinth of Jura). M
    • Ruskin, John - Houseleek 14 B Houseleek. Sketch of Echeveria, enlarged. (Ultimately it is to be the common Houseleek). M
    • Ruskin, John - Three Studies of Narcissus ('Field Narcissus of the Alps') 15 Field Narcissus of the Alps. M

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