The Elements of Drawing, John Ruskin’s teaching collection at Oxford

The Elements of Drawing, John Ruskin’s teaching collection at Oxford

Ruskin's Rudimentary series, 5th ed. (1873)

Items marked 'M' are drawings "by my own Hand" (by Ruskin), P are photographs, E engravings and A by Ruskin's Assistant, Arthur Burgess.

Rudimentary 5 Cover

Catalogue of the Rudimentary series / 4. Gothic / 1st Section R|76 to R|88

  • R|76} Part of Western Porch, Chartres. P.
  • R|77} North Transept, Notre-Dame, Paris, before restoration. P.
  • Ruskin, John - Study of Carved Foliage on the Tomb of Eleanor of Castile in Westminster Abbey R|78} Study from foliage on tomb of Eleanor of Castile. M.
  • R|79} North Porch, Lichfield. P.
  • Le Secq, Henri Jean-Louis - Photograph of Sculptures in the West Porch of Reims Cathedral R|80} Sculptures in West Porch, Rheims. P.
  • Ruskin, John - Sketch of a Spandril in the western Porch of Bourges Cathedral R|81} Sketch of Spandril in Western Porch, Bourges. M.
  • R|82} Sculptures in Western Porch, Strasbourg. P.
  • R|83} Spire of Strasbourg. P.
  • Prout, Samuel - Rath-haus, Ulm R|84} Rath Haus, Ulm. Lithograph. S. Prout.
  • Prout, Samuel - Sketch at Cologne R|85} Sketch at Cologne. S. Prout.
  • R|86} Renaissance House at Rouen. P.
  • Ruskin, John - The Tower of Gloucester Cathedral R|87} Tower of Gloucester. Old. Pen Sketch. M.
  • R|88} Norman Chapel, with Gothic Porch and Belfry, near Abbeville. P.

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