The Elements of Drawing, John Ruskin’s teaching collection at Oxford

The Elements of Drawing, John Ruskin’s teaching collection at Oxford

Ruskin's Rudimentary series, 5th ed. (1873)

Items marked 'M' are drawings "by my own Hand" (by Ruskin), P are photographs, E engravings and A by Ruskin's Assistant, Arthur Burgess.

Rudimentary 5 Cover

Catalogue of the Rudimentary series / 3. Greek & Mediaeval / 1st Section R|51 to R|63

  • unidentified - A Photograph of three Greek Ceramics, including a Patera showing Aphrodite riding a Swan R|51} Greek Patera of finest time. Aphrodite riding on a swan. P.
  • R|52} Studies of Greek Terra-cotta on two sides. Girl dancing. M.
  • Ruskin, John - A Study of Greek clay Cantharus R|53} Study of Greek clay cantharus (not to be written kantharos, in English, nor acanthus, akanthos The barbarous practice of spelling Greek words in the Greek manner when they occur in the writing of English, was, I believe, first introduced by Mr. Grote, and in his case meant merely that his knowledge of Greek sat uneasily upon him. I shall never have enough, myself, to feel a like discomfort; but am in this the better representative of the majority of English readers, in whose name I resolutely decline to have Socrates spelt for me with a k, and a pair of compasses over the o to remind me it is a long one. ).M.
  • Ruskin, John - The Outline of an Etruscan Cup of baked Clay R|54} Outline of Etruscan cup, of baked clay.M.
  • Ruskin, John - Study of an Etruscan Cup R|55} Study of Etruscan cup. M.
  • Ruskin, John - Enlarged Drawing of Part of the Ornament on an Etruscan Cup R|56} Part of ornament of Etruscan cup, enlarged. M.
  • Macdonald, Alexander - Study of Part of the Sepulchral Relief of Demetrius R|57} Study of Greek sculpture, full size of the original in the University galleries. A. Macdonald.
  • unidentified - Photograph of a Study of Drapery for a seated Figure by Leonardo da Vinci R|58} Study of drapery, by Lionardo. P.
  • Hunt, William Henry - Still Life with earthenware Pitcher, Coffee Pot and Basket R|59} Study of earthenware pitcher. W. Hunt.
  • Hunt, William Henry - Study of a Copper Pot and a Horn Mug R|60} Study of copper pot and horn mug. W. Hunt.
  • Ruskin, John - A Study of Japanese Porcelain, enclosed in Wickerwork R|61} Study of Japanese Porcelain, enclosed in wickerwork. M.
  • Ruskin, John - A Study of modern Danish Porcelain R|62} Study of Danish Porcelain (modern). M.
  • unidentified - Photograph of four Greek Ceramics R|63} Greek vases, in group. P.

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