The Elements of Drawing, John Ruskin’s teaching collection at Oxford

The Elements of Drawing, John Ruskin’s teaching collection at Oxford

Data standards


The catalogue data uses core elements and some additional aspects of the Getty Research Institute’s Categories for the Description of Works of Art. Some additional modifications have been made to allow for the storage of elements required for web delivery, e.g. image captions and ALT tags.


Image metadata have been created according to two standards: detailed metadata, which describes both the objects depicted by the images, and the images themselves, have been recorded according to Visual Resources Association (VRA) Core 3.0 data standard; whilst more basic metadata about the image files have been created using the Dublin Core specification.

Text metadata are recorded within the TEI header section of the XML files; a Dublin Core version of this has been extacted and stored as a separate file.

In addition, Dublin Core records have been created for each object in the collection, and incorporated, as RDF metadata, into the section of the relevant web pages.


The catalogue database, and therefore the metdata that depend upon it, have been assembled using controlled vocabularies based upon the resources created by the Getty Research Institute: the Art and Architecture Thesaurus, the Union List of Artists’ Names, and the Thesaurus of Geographic Names. These have, however, had to be augmented with undocumented names and places, and on occasion altered to fit established Ashmolean Museum practice.

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