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The Elements of Drawing, John Ruskin’s teaching collection at Oxford

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A Leaf from the Book of Hours of Yolande of Navarre Jehan Pucelle

  • Curator’s description:


    The text is written in alternating lines of blue and gold. The Virgin and Child are depicted half-length in a three-line initial 'O'; there are also single-line illuminated initials 'I', 'S' and 'A'. Yolande of Navarre's arms, impaled with those of her second husband, Philippe de Navarre, Comte de Langueville, rest on the bottom border. In the upper right margin, a bishop, shown half-length, draws a sword. The border comprises bars of burnished gold, with stems of blue and pink ivy which grow into leaves of blue, red and gold.

    One of thirteen leaves from the Hours of Yolande of Navarre. This leaf is number 38 a, containing the seventh lesson from matins, originally located between folios 38 and 39 in the manuscript.

    The Hours of Yolande of Navarre are a Book of Hours of the use of Paris, created c.1353 and belonging to Yolande of Navarre (1326-1395), the widow of Henri IV, Duc de Bar, and of Philippe de Navarre, Comte de Longueville; they bear her arms of Flanders (or, a lion rampant sable armed gules within a bordure engrailed of the last) impaled with those of Philippe (in chief Navarre: gules, a cross, saltire and double orle of chains all linked together, or; in base Longueville: France ancient, a bend compony of ermine and gules). The manuscript (together with the Psalter and Hours of Isabelle of France, also in the Teaching Collection) was damaged when in the collection of John Boykett Jarman when his home in Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, was flooded on 1 August 1846 (not c.1854 as described by Ruskin). It was presumably still dismembered following its immersion when it was acquired by Ruskin, although Backhouse notes that Jarman may well have employed William Charles Wing (active 1835-1860) to repair and, in some cases, retouch his damaged manuscripts. Ruskin described the manuscript as 'in my own possession' in volume III of "Modern Painters", published in 1856 (vol. III, ch. xiv, § 27 = V.267). On 15 December 1872, Ruskin entered it as no. 6, 'Yolande', valued at £100, in a list of the manuscripts in his Oxford rooms which he compiled for insurance purposes (Bembridge MS 18, p. 129). Out of 176 leaves, Ruskin placed 13 in the Drawing School (none of them containing full-page miniatures), and gave 24 others away; the remainder of the manuscript was acquired by Henry Yates Thompson in 1902 and entered his collection as MS no. LXXXVI (to which was added 10 of the detached leaves, obtained from Miss Bradford, in 1910). It is now Yates Thompson MS 27 in the British Library.

    The illumination was given by Cockerell to the third hand he identified in the Hours of Jeanne II, Queen of Navarre (Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, nouv. acq. lat. 3145), who he postulated might be the Parisian illuminator Jehan Pucelle. However, Pucelle seems to have been dead by 1334, although the manuscript may well be attributable to one of his collaborators or followers.

    Pages from the manuscript are first listed in the Teaching Collection in 1878, when Ruskin included one unidentified leaf from the book in his rearrangement of the Rudimentary Series, as no. 12. It was accompanied by a copy he had made of the folio and a water-colour of a spray of myrtle (both in frame no. 11, the copy later moved to no. 172 in the Supplementary Cabinet), 'in order to show the difference between illumination and painting'. The thirteen leaves catalogued here were first listed in the collection by Cook and Wedderburn in 1906, amongst the unframed items. As these were un-numbered, the individual folios have been given arbitrary numbers based upon the numbers marked on their back for the purposes of this catalogue.

    A page from the manuscript (although not one of those in the Oxford collections) was reproduced as pl. 9 in vol. III of Modern Painters (= vol. V, f.p. 267), as an illustration of 'Botany of the 14th Century': Ruskin considered it one of 'the most graceful examples I have ever seen of the favourite decoration at the period, commonly known as the "Ivy-leaf" pattern' (vol. III, ch. xiv, § 27 = V.267).

  • Details

    follower of Jehan Pucelle (active c. 1319 - d.c. 1334)
    Object type
    manuscript, drawing
    Material and technique
    watercolour, bodycolour, ink, gold paint and gold leaf on parchment
    110 x 78 mm (sight size)
    On the leaf, on the recto as framed, top centre, in graphite: 65

    On the back of the sheet of paper to which the leaf has been attached:
    top left, in ink (Ruskin): 33. right
    just above centre, left, in graphite: 22
    just below centre, left, in ink: Y.1.
    towards the bottom, left, in ink (Ruskin): Begin tomorrow & do Bishops
    bottom left, in ink (Ruskin), struck through: 33
    bottom right, in ink (Ruskin ), the second line struck through and replaced with the third: 1st Decade | 17 [?] | 6
    left, below centre, the Ruskin School's stamp

    On the back of the matte:
    top left, graphite: 22
    top centre, black or brown chalk, in large letters: 46
    just below the leaf, centre, the Ruskin School's stamp
    just below the stamp, in ink: Y.1.

    placed on deposit in the Bodleian Library by the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art

    No. of items
    Accession no.
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  • References in which this object is cited include:


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    • Bodleian Library, Oxford

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